Secure a Job

In today’s competitive job market, more companies are using background checks to make informed decisions on who to hire. While your resume may be strong, errors and discrepancies found can jeopardize your career. Take control of your accomplishments and credentials you’ve worked hard to earn. eKnowID enables job seekers to easily establish and verify their reputation in conjunction with their potential employer. Employers know how to check your identity, now it's time you know your ID.

Who Should Order This?

Job seekers

Are you sure your resume matches your background check? People often lose job opportunities due to inaccuracies found in their background check, inaccuracies they may not even be aware of.

Recent graduates

If you recently finished college, chances are you are in the midst of applying for your first full-time job in your desired field. eKnowID provides you with unique self-check background packages catered to your job field and shows the typical background checks run for applicants applying in your field.