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  • National Criminal Database
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National Criminal Database ( Instant )


With eKnowID search, you can comb more than 400 million criminal records from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC) and state sex offender registries covering 49 states and Washington DC, Guam and Puerto Rico. Also included are over 70 national and international terrorism sources, more than 10 million photos. eKnowID SEARCH provides the data you want, the quality you demand and the updates that ensure you get the best possible information.

Federal Criminal Courthouse Search ( < 72 hrs )


A Federal criminal record search uncovers case information from one of the 94 Federal District Courts nationwide. This type of search is ideal for: Employees with access to secure or financial information, C-level executives, CPAs, Financial and banking staff, Public sector employees.

  • International Criminal Record Search
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International Criminal Record Search ( < 2 weeks )


A search of International criminal records in a candidate’s previous countries of residence or employment is vital when hiring employees with worldwide experience. This type of search is ideal for: employees from global corporations, contractors with experience outside of the United States, International IT or financial staff. Additional search fees may apply.

County Criminal Courthouse Search ( < 72 hrs )


This is one of the most powerful tools for uncovering criminal records. Since law enforcement agencies report felony and misdemeanor charges, a county criminal search is where a record is likely to be filed. Our researchers handpick information from courthouse records in every county in the United States. All county criminal searches go back a minimum of seven years and include felonies and misdemeanors. Some court fees apply.

  • National Criminal Database With Alias
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National Criminal Database With Alias ( Instant )


Enhance the National Criminal Database Search with a multifaceted search including the candidate’s aliases. This search digs deeper by combining the National Criminal Database Search with the known aliases provided from a SSN trace. With a name, date of birth and SSN, we report the state and the approximate date of issuance of the SSN. We then run the SSN through the Death Master Index. Next, we run a SSN trace to obtain a list of alias names, including maiden names. We then use this information to make a final pass through our National Criminal Database.

  • Sex Offender Database
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Sex Offender Database ( Instant )


A sex offender search returns information for up to level-three sex offenders. The information reported varies by state and the details of an offense are typically not provided. We'll help ensure individuals measure up to your organization's safety standards.

State Criminal Records ( < 72 hrs )


This search contains criminal record information from various reporting agencies throughout a single state. Instant Criminal Records search results are returned instantly.

Education Verification ( < 72 hrs )


Confirmation of an individual's education, to include verification of dates attended and degrees earned.

Reference Verification ( < 72 hrs )


In order to fill the gaps in the education and employment history reference verification process is taken. The type of relationship, tenure of acquaintance and professional assessment is done based on references provided by you. These verifications are also done to check reliability, stability and other history of the applicant.

Employment Verification ( < 72 hrs )


A check of previous employers' records during an individual's stated period of employment. Information obtained includes, but is not limited to, dates of employment, job position, and reason for leaving.

  • Person Search + Address History
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Person Search + Address History ( < 72 hrs )


Provides a name and address trace based upon the Social Security Number, first and last name. The report returns all names and addresses associated with the given SSN.

  • Driving Record
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Driving Record ( Instant )


License Verification is an important aspect for employees that will be operating company vehicles or driving during business hours on behalf of the company. The mandatory parameters required for this verification are Name, License Type, State of Issue and License Number.

  • eKnowID Drug Test
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eKnowID Drug Test ( < 72 hrs )


A drug test will show you whether or not there is some drugs in the system. This can be used to determine several factors such as their level of responsibility and safety, as well as their willingness to abide by the law. These verifications are helping in maintain a drug-free workplace in the 21st century.

  • Social Media
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Social Media ( < 72 hrs )


Our social media search utilizes a mix of high-tech proprietary technology and high touch trained analysts to provide insight into an applicant's social media and internet presence profile. We search over 1000+ different mediums.

  • Credit Report
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Credit Report ( Instant )


Get fast and secure access to your latest credit report, alerts and more. Check your Trans Union full Report for safety and accuracy. Find any costly errors in your credit records before you apply for a credit card, car loan, or mortgage.

  • Healthcare Compliance
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Healthcare Compliance ( Instant )


A Fraud and Abuse Control Information (FACIS) Level 3 search of the Office of Inspector General's (OIG), the US Department of Health and Human Resources list of Excluded Individuals/Entities that are barred from participating in any federally-funded healthcare programs. It includes searches of GSA, DEA, FDA, PHS, ORI, TRICARE, and OFAC-SDN data (federal only), Medicaid Exclusion, Board Disciplinary Actions Sources, and state Abuse Registries lists.

County Civil Courthouse Search ( < 72 hrs )


A search of county civil records for litigation involving the applicant in Superior and Municipal county courthouses. This allows a potential employer to assess past business relationships and financial responsibility. Court access fees may apply

  • Global Security Watch List
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Global Security Watch List ( Instant )


This search provides the additional screening, due diligence and compliance checks required to meet global regulations.

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